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Taylor Rose was formed through years of project management experience within the food processing industry. Taylor Rose is an industrial design and build contractor that has developed specific construction expertise  in high care production industries, particularly within food & drink.

We pride ourselves on combining estimating experience and commercial acumen to provide our clients with consistently competitive project quotes. Having worked for some of the UK’s leading food & drink manufacturing companies, we our confident that we have the project experience to help you with upgrading your production facility or designing you a new factory from first concepts.


Our company has particular experience in food & drink production. Whether it is a new manufacturing facility or improving the finish and efficiency of an existing factory; we can help you achieve your production goals.

If you would like to book an introductory presentation to find out more about our project portfolio and how we can help you with your production targets then contact us today on 0845 474 5508 or click the link below.


Our business has been built around a “product first” philosophy. We understand food production and how to make sure any changes you make to your production facility don’t affect product quality or production efficiency. Our project engineers have experience of a range of product types from, ready meals, drink, dairy, snack foods, bread, meat processing and much more. Our senior team have worked at an operational level within food manufacturing businesses and have first hand knowledge of maintaining production output while upgrade processes and facilities.


Our expertise is born of selecting the best in construction and engineering design experience from a variety of market sectors and combining it with our expertise in the High Care and Food Production sectors. We approach our clients requirements in a professional and flexible manner and with the understanding that their present requirements often have the future development of their companies in mind. Whether you would like front-end design assistance or a full turnkey design and build we can deliver you requirement on time and within budget.